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S2E3: Luke Cage–Mental Health in a Prison Setting

Episode 3 of this season brings us to the smash hit Netflix series, Luke Cage. Your hosts delve into Luke’s experience in prison and explore the effect of prison settings on mental health. Luke takes some serious hits (and not just physical ones) that leave him with some scars that even his super powers won’t heal.

Podcast Notes:

  • Hypersomnia – Sleeping too much, feeling extremely tired and needing more sleep despite having an adequate amount
  • Insomnia – Sleeping too little, feeling tired but often unable to sleep despite not having had enough sleep
  • Poor Hygiene/Poor Self Care – Not attending to the basic needs, such as not showering, not eating or over eating, not wearing clean clothes, lack of hair or nail grooming.
  • Self-Isolating – Removing yourself from situations in which you could have social interactions, avoiding social situations that you would usually find meaningful/pleasurable
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S2E1: Suicide Squad and Portrayals of Domestic Violence

Welcome back for a new season of all things fandom! In this episode we talk portrayals of domestic violence as seen in the new movie from the DC universe, Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn and the Joker’s relationship is iconic, and portrays a different type of domestic violence than we have seen before. Did the movie do these criminal lovebirds justice? Find out in the brand new episode!

Podcast Notes:

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Episode 14: Tumblr Fumblr

Hi! Welcome to Episode 14 were we discuss social media platforms, specifically Blü’s favorite site Tumblr. Find out why Pebble finds Tumblr strange and confusing, and why Blü is upset with movie goers in this week’s “What the Frak Fandom.”

Podcast Notes:

  • Meme – a humorous image, text, video, or other form that is rapidly copied, sometimes changed slightly, and spread from person to person through the internet. Ex. Lolcats, Damn Daniel, or “I came out to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now” memes.
  • Mic drop – when someone makes a strong or impressive statement to mark the end of a conversation; getting the last word in.  Sometimes, only the speaker thinks they made an impressive “mic drop” worthy statement. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/mic-drop


Links to rating systems for comic books, T.V., and movies:

Episode 7: Harry Potter and Questions of Racism and Slavery

Welcome to Episode 7! We are talking about one of our favorite series, Harry Potter. This iconic series has made reading young adult literature a legitimate pastime for adults and brought the adventure of fantasy to children everywhere. It’s also brought us the ability to examine our values and understand our biases under the guise of fantasy. Today we explore ideas of racism in Harry Potter through the character Ron Weasley and the position of house elves, like Dobby.

Podcast Notes:

  • Explicit and Implicit Racism – overt displays of racism versus unconscious biases.
  • White Savior – a story line that involves a main character of Caucasian ethnicity that “rescues” a group of racial or ethnic minorities.
  • Gaslighting – a form of mental abuse in which the abuser attempts to make the victim question their own sanity regarding the abuse.