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Episode 16: Vampire Diaries – Bad Boy Obsession, Fan Girl Confession

Welcome to Episode 16 of Fandom Cracked!  In today’s episode, your hosts talk bad boys. Damon Salvatore is your typical bad boy and would be the first to tell you he’s a bad influence. But the negative reach of Damon and the other male figures of Mystic Falls may be more insidious than they know.  Pebble and Blü look at the increasingly negative impact that male expectations have on today’s generation through the popular CW show, The Vampire Diaries.

And…just so you all know, this is our final episode of the season!  We’ll be back in August 2016!  Feel free to send us your ideas for season 2 episodes or give us feedback on season 1 using our handy dandy contact page.

Podcast Notes:

None.  At least we don’t think there are.  If there is a term we mentioned that you’re not sure about, please contact us and we’ll post an updated notes section with a definition of the word/phrase.

Episode 15: What do you Meme?

Welcome to Episode 15 of Fandom Cracked!  Today, your hosts discuss memes!  Listen to find out what a meme is and your hosts thoughts on the good, the funny, the bad, and the ugly of internet memes!

Podcast Notes:

  • Meme – an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture (Merriam-Webster)
  • Internet Meme – a video, image, gif, tweet (basically, practically anything that can exist on the internet) that gains popularity and spreads from person to person through the internet.
  • Richard Dawkins – a well-known and controversial evolutionary biologist and atheist who coined the term “meme.”