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Episode 14: Tumblr Fumblr

Hi! Welcome to Episode 14 were we discuss social media platforms, specifically Blü’s favorite site Tumblr. Find out why Pebble finds Tumblr strange and confusing, and why Blü is upset with movie goers in this week’s “What the Frak Fandom.”

Podcast Notes:

  • Meme – a humorous image, text, video, or other form that is rapidly copied, sometimes changed slightly, and spread from person to person through the internet. Ex. Lolcats, Damn Daniel, or “I came out to have a good time, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now” memes.
  • Mic drop – when someone makes a strong or impressive statement to mark the end of a conversation; getting the last word in.  Sometimes, only the speaker thinks they made an impressive “mic drop” worthy statement.


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