Episode 13: Fan Fiction, To Pair or Not to Pair

Welcome to Episode 13 of Fandom Cracked!  In today’s episode, your hosts discuss the complicated world of fan fiction pairings.  Specifically, we discuss the ethics of romantically pairing characters in fan fiction who, in canon, occupied the roles of abuser and survivor/victim.  Specific pairings we discuss are Sam Winchester and Lucifer (Supernatural), and Jessica Jones and Kilgrave (Jessica Jones).

Podcast Notes:

  • Canon – a plot point or fact that is sanctioned by the author or creator of an original work. For example, the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended it’s television production after season 7; however, Joss Whedon, the original creator, continued to work on “season 8” in the form of comics. These comics would be considered “canon” despite the 8th season of the show never making it to television.
  • Fan Fiction – a form of creative writing in which fans will sometimes engage. Works can range from complex, lengthy, or serious works to the fantastical, strange, and poorly written.
  • Pairing(s) – when two characters of a work are shipped (put into a relationship) together. Note: pairings and ships do not have to be canon. Ex. pairing Trish and Jessica from Jessica Jones in a relationship.
  • Reader Insert – Also known as “x reader,” where the author writes a story in which the reader can insert themselves into the text. Typically this is achieved by including “Y/N” or “Your Name” in the text so that readers can supplement their own name while reading.
  • Slash – a category of fan fiction that includes a homosexual pairing between two characters.

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