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Episode 7: Harry Potter and Questions of Racism and Slavery

Welcome to Episode 7! We are talking about one of our favorite series, Harry Potter. This iconic series has made reading young adult literature a legitimate pastime for adults and brought the adventure of fantasy to children everywhere. It’s also brought us the ability to examine our values and understand our biases under the guise of fantasy. Today we explore ideas of racism in Harry Potter through the character Ron Weasley and the position of house elves, like Dobby.

Podcast Notes:

  • Explicit and Implicit Racism – overt displays of racism versus unconscious biases.
  • White Savior – a story line that involves a main character of Caucasian ethnicity that “rescues” a group of racial or ethnic minorities.
  • Gaslighting – a form of mental abuseĀ in which the abuser attempts to make the victim question their own sanity regarding the abuse.