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Episode 3: Undying Fandoms – Firefly

Welcome to Episode 3 of Fandom Cracked!  In this episode, your hosts discuss the short-lived, but much loved t.v. show, Firefly!  Topics include how Firefly captured the hearts of so many despite lasting less than a season on network t.v., discussion of our favorite characters, and how the show reflected and/or challenged societal norms of its time.

Podcast notes:

  • Blü and Pebble worked out the sound issues for our podcast!  Hopefully, our listeners will be able to hear our voices more clearly in this episode!
  • In this episode, your hosts use of the phrase “diverse representation” refers more specifically to racial/ethnic diversity. But don’t worry!  We will be looking at this, as well as other types of diverse representation, such as LGBTQ, people with mental illness, etc. throughout our series.
  • Browncoats– What fans of Firefly call themselves.
  • Trope– a common or overused theme or device (  For example, the “damsel in distress” is a common trope found in many stories, movies, tv shows, etc.